Spring Bay Mill strives to provide a safe working environment for its employees, contractors and visitors. This policy provides guidance on combating the spread of infectious diseases at events and in the workplace.

Purpose: For the wellbeing of all visitors, staff, contractors and public.

Directive: Do not enter the premises if you are unwell.

All staff and contractors are directed that if they are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms it is important that they contact their doctor and do not come onto the Spring Bay Mill site. Symptoms of Covid-19 are fever, runny nose, cough, sore or itchy throat, shortness of breath and loss of taste. Anyone deemed to be unwell by Spring Bay Mill management may be instructed to leave the premises and to obtain medical clearance before returning. This is necessary to minimise the potential risk of spreading the disease.

It is a condition of entry that all attendees acknowledge that

  1. they are free of symptoms of respiratory infection
  2. that they have not had close contact with a suspect or confirmed case of Covid-19 in the past 14 days
  3. that they have not returned to Australia from overseas in the past 14 days

All site visitors and guests must check in using the Check In Tas app on their device or using the in house device. 

Event Size and current legislation. 

Prior to any event the maximum number of persons will be determined in line with the current legislation.


Maximum density limit of one person per 2 square meters.

Spring Bay Mill public facilities:


Prior to and following every event all public area are cleaned in line with Safe Work Australia Covid-19 cleaning policy. Where events extend beyond one day, cleaning of all common areas takes place twice per day for the duration of the event. Kitchen and bar staff have undertaken training to ensure that all equipment, plates and glass has been cleaned after every event. 


Covid-19 signage is in place at the entry to all event spaces.

This includes
“Keep your distance 1.5m”
“Simple steps to help stop the spread”
Washrooms will display “Handwashing procedure “.

Hand washing station.

A hand sanitiser station is in place at the entry point of all event buildings.
Hand sanitiser dispensers are also be located in high traffic areas.

Payment for Food and Drinks

Contactless card payment is the preferred method of payment.

Covid-19 case.

In the event that management become aware of a confirmed case of Covid-19 or a person who has been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 has visited the Spring Bay Mill site or associated location in the past 14 days management with contact the Tasmanian Department of Public Health.

Policy review.

Spring Bay Mill CovidSafe policy will be reviewed prior to any major event to ensure that it is in line with current Tasmanian Government guidelines.