Seeing like it was only a bit over four weeks ago, and because we suspect y’all need another video to watch, have a gander at the SB20 Association’s superb summing up of the Spring Bay Mill SB20 Nationals on Spring Bay when the world was (sigh) “normal”. View here…

So having squandered squillions on building the absolutely most fabulous event space in the southern hemisphere (fact checked!) only to have the customer tap temporarily turned off, it’s gotta be time to perform a pivot or two (more like a pirouette with double half pike!).

Announcing Grown by Spring Bay Mill

See, we have this fabulous nursery and organic garden and a team of clever (and good looking) Horticulturists. When supermarket shopping is more dangerous than Running With The Bulls, why not create a range of instant gardens in a bag! Like these…

A complete organic kitchen garden, growing and ready to harvest, delivered to your door. Self contained and small enough for a balcony or sunny corner. All they need is natural light and water. Leafy greens, veg and herbs that you can pick and continue to grow, supplying you with the freshest, tastiest food you can imagine. All this of course curated by the startled bloke with the wheel barrow, our master horticulturist Marcus Ragus.


The high quality soil is made up of natural goodness from our own onsite composting and worm farms, Yum! It can even be reused to plant new crops when your instant garden has run its course. We can even supply you with new seeds to plant. Check out the range, prices and delivery options here…

What’ll we think of next? A pet bunny for every kiddie for Easter? Nup. Stay tuned and keep smiling:)

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