Sunflowers Indeed!

Yes, the Sunflower Festival has been and gone. A picture or a thousand words? Have a gander. From all reports and feedback, it was a Winner! We are so grateful not only to the 600 people who turned out but also for the enthusiastic volunteers who really helped spread the love on the day. And, the good news, there will be plenty more food and horticultural events at The Mill in 2020, so you won’t need to wait a whole year. Stay tuned…

TSO Live with Monique Brumby rocked everyone’s socks off on Saturday evening. A full house in the Tin Shed. These guys just get better and better. And they laugh! More than when they are playing Beethoven in their day jobs. We’d make them our band in residence if we could afford it… [Image credit: BHPhoto Hobart]

New arrivals. Of course, if you have a joint on the water, you need a boat, right? Here’s the latest addition to the SBM arsenal nestled quietly among the local marina fleet. She’ll be our spectator craft for the forthcoming Spring Bay Mill SB20 Australian Championship, and will begin hosting SBM guests on exciting adventures on the water and hard-to-reach spots around Maria Island.

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Tourism Geeks from all over will be flooding into the Mill on Wednesday 19 February for the National Outlook Luncheon. Wanna get the low down on the future for Tassie’s brightest industry? Will our new Premier turn up for a cameo performance? We can guarantee tourism expert Scotty from Marketing won’t be there. Book here to find out, but get in quickly, numbers are limited.

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There must be something in the air on Friday 14 February, because the Loved-Up BBQ is happening from 5:30pm. Tickets on sale here. The food and music will be spot on. Come along and be our valentine.

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