Ooops! Hello … someone forgot to send out a Spring Bay Mill Newsletter for a year or so. [0719]

Anyways, here we are back having a bleat about all the fabulousness’s going on at the pointy end of Freestone Point.


200 lucky people attended the Festival of Voices performance in the Tin Shed on Sunday 30 June. Greg Wells and the Blackwater Band warmed up the crowd with some grinding blue grassy folksy toe-tappin’ stuff. Then the remarkable Merindas made their Tassie debut and had the joint rockin’.

The Tin Shed has come a long way. Now weatherproof with a stunning rough cut wooden floor, a real stage, real lighting and possum proof. Well, almost. One show stealing little bugger did in fact, leap into the crowd from the rafters but was quickly ushered out.


While the rejuvenation of Spring Bay Mill involves dusting off some of the biggest buildings on-site, we’re also taking care of some of the less monumental ones. One that we particularly like is the little prefab house near the front gate – it was known as the Bark Hut, and has been around as long as the Mill.

East Coasters among you will have noticed lots of construction stuff happening at the Mill. Most days there are about 20 hi-vis girls and boys banging nails, welding steel, pouring concrete, driving machines, planting trees and generally, turning miracles. The old timers will be gob-smacked…

And in the background our truly remarkable horticulture team led by the astounding Marcus Ragus has quietly created a massive organic garden at Paddies Beach which produces an astonishing array of fruit and vegetables.

If you want to get in to buy the most exotic and wholesome vegetables on the East Coast you’d better sign up to their veg newsletter here


Before long (let’s say December), the four fabulous Beach Shacks will be open for group bookings. One night is not enough. First you slow down to listen to the silence. Then you watch the wallabies at dawn, then you walk, and swim and talk and stare into fires. Then you notice you are smiling and breathing calmly. Then you notice three days have gone by …

And also…

If you’re the marrying type and a bit non-conventional and have some really interesting wedding ideas, we’re kinda open for business.

By the end of the year we’ll be open for Retreats for business or team building. Not the decadent five-star indulgent type, more for the young and vibrant outfit wanting to change the world tomorrow but needing quality time in nature with great minds to harness and plan to execute great ideas…

For booking enquiries contact


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