I wonder who’s false teeth? [1119]

These two chaps are members of a team of botanists and zoologists from the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery who will soon descend upon Spring Bay Mill for the Museum’s annual Expedition of Discovery. Now in its third year, the Discovery program aims to investigate poorly studied, scientifically under-explored corners of Tasmania to discover new species of Tasmania’s fabulously unique flora and fauna.

The intrepid expeditioners will spend their days sneaking through the undergrowth hoping to strike scientific gold. There’s also a good chance they’ll find a stash or two of moonshine whiskey rumoured to be left behind by employees of the previous owner.

We can’t wait to see what they find! And, yes, we’ll let you know.

Speaking of unique this is what our clever architect Ross Brewin can do with an old slew wall. Yep, it’s the one on the old woodchip mound now being transformed into a performance and event space like no other. It features a monster sundial, movable bleachers, movable stage, brilliant acoustics and stunning views. Star gazers, musos, theatrical types and brides-to-be will be blown away by the possibilities.

Save the Date: Our first ever Sunflower Celebration is on Saturday 25th January. Apart from the most stunning display of thousands of sunflowers, the day will celebrate sustainable gardening, fresh produce, workshops, a splash of art, music, food and a garden bar. A day for the whole family with a few intriguing surprises! Program and booking information will be announced soon, see website for details.

Thanks to TMAG for the photograph of the field workers.