Finish off a stimulating science-packed couple of weeks at Beaker Street with a party at Spring Bay Mill.

Tasmania is home to some of the largest swaths of pristine dark skies in the world, but this precious natural resource is under threat from light pollution. The increasingly widespread use of artificial light outdoors not only impairs our view of the universe, but also adversely affects our sleep, our mood, our environment — and the many nocturnal species that inhabit it.

NOCTURNA is a celebration of the fragile beauty of the cosmos — embracing our long winter nights, taking the time to gaze skyward, and gathering around the warm glow of open fires with a whisky or mulled cider. It’s also an opportunity to learn more about the Dark Sky movement and the simple steps we can take to preserve one of Tasmania’s most prized and imperiled resources.

The Beaker Street Festival finale, NOCTURNA combines intriguing scientific talks with ample live music, hands-on workshops, East Coast food and drink, and plenty of wonderful people to share in the merriment.

More information and ticket sales available here.

Presented by Beaker Street Festival, in association with Spring Bay Mill and Dark Sky Tasmania.

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