First the Tourism Council of Tasmania gig. See the WIN News story here.  Our first serious hit out at catering and delivering a high class result. Thanks to Sabre Catering who Lurved our professional, industrial kitchen…

Thanks to the magnificent Spring Bay Mill Team. A team with a purpose is something to behold! And to be scared of…

Seems like a few days later this whole riff raff of sailors turn up saying they’ve got a sailing regatta here.

Turns out it is true. More than a gig, it was the Spring Bay Mill SB20 Australian Championship. No small thing, mate.  For non-sailors, the SB20 is a 20 foot Sport Boat (ie fast) designed for one-class racing where the skill of the crew (not money) matters. Being egalitarians, this appealed to us simple souls at the Mill. (Images below from Jane Austin, SB20 Australia

Bummer! So this virus thing has given us a whack! The magnificent B Labs Champions Retreat has been postponed until October just when we were ready to rock ‘n roll. To fill in the time, we’ll get to finish off a number of construction projects so we can click into action when it’s OK for smallish groups to get out and rediscover the joys of face-to-face gatherings and the great outdoors.

Stay well! Please!

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