Get together with others in your area to learn about (or get an update on) the aims, methods and science behind Where? Where? Wedgie! for 2019. Gain and/or share skills in identifying birds, and ideas about how to make this statewide survey of Tasmania’s birds of prey a huge success.

Experts, newbies and everyone in between are all extremely welcome. If you can, sign up to NatureTrackers (ie this website) in advance, and explore the membership ‘Training Resources’ (under ‘Prepare’). You might also like to book your survey square now (under ‘Take Part’).

To book in to a workshop, contact the local organiser; they may need your contact details and dietary requirements.

Most will run across about 2 hours, with some morning workshops offering the chance for a spot of practice at surveying for birds of prey in the afternoon.

There may still be one or two more workshops to be confirmed. We’ll update this page as more information comes in.

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