Our horticulture team are happy to answer any questions or provide growing tips to help you get the best out of our products. Please contact us if you don’t find the answers you need below or to give us feedback about how your gardens are doing. Find out FAQ’S about our Instant Gardens, Plant Tonic & Seeds.


How long will my Instant Garden last?
The plants we select for our Instant Gardens are mostly of the ‘pick-and-come-again’ variety so you can harvest leaves as you need them and leave the plant to grow.

The growing life will depend of the variety and the season but on average you can expect to keep harvesting for somewhere between 6-12 weeks. Many of the herbs include perennials such as oregano, thyme, chives, rosemary, that have the potential to last for years.

What should I do after my first crop finishes?
To keep your Instant Garden going all year we will soon be launching a range of specially selected seeds to replant in the same compost. Our seed range comes from what we use in our organic production garden and have been selected for the best germination success.

The soil in our Instant Gardens can be reused for a long time, potentially even years (see: Do I need to feed my plants? below). Left over mix can also be added to your garden as a soil improver.

Where should I place my Instant Garden?
Your Instant Garden can grow in a small garden, balcony or patio. Put it somewhere where it gets a few hours of sun each day.

Can I grow my Instant Garden indoors?
Some plants will do better indoors than others. If you have a sunny spot by a North-facing window you can try your Instant Garden in the house. Make sure it gets some direct sun during the day. You will need to sit the bag on a tray to catch water drainage. If you want to move your garden around try placing it on an indoor plant tray with wheels, these are available from most garden stores.

How often should I water?
You should keep the soil moist. In hot weather once a day watering in most cases is good. A good water is when you have some water run out of the drainage holes. In cooler weather you may only need to water every two to three days. Rain is not always good enough to water your pots, so keep an eye on your plants for wilting and feel the soil mix for moisture.

Do I need to feed my plants?
Your Instant Garden is already growing in a nutritious, well-balanced soil made from our onsite composting at Spring Bay Mill. But you can give your plants a boost or enhance the soil before your second planting with our Natural Plant Tonic and a light application of Blood and Bone and pellet manure.


What’s in it that makes it so good?
We start with a base of the ‘liquid gold’ which is produced by our worm-farms here at Spring Bay Mill. We then add our secret extra probiotic formula to stabilise the product and enhance the results.

Why probiotic?
Probiotic means it contains populations of ‘Effective Micro-organisms’ (EM). Soil is not just dirt. It’s a complex eco-system of billions of microorganisms that keep it functioning correctly and in a state of good health. These EM assist plants to obtain nutrients from the soil and protect them from harmful disease-causing organisms. Healthy, living soil is the key to success in any garden.

How should I use it?
Natural Plant Tonic can be used pure from the bottle or diluted. Recommended dilution is 100ml per 10 litres of water. It can be watered into pots, soil beds and mulches every couple of weeks. It is safe for most plants and seedlings and can be used in conjunction with an organic fertiliser such as a good compost, blood and bone or manure.

Is it safe to use?
Natural Plant Tonic is good for plants. Humans not so much. Don’t drink it and avoid breathing in any spray. Wash your hands after use. Store in a cool, dark place and use within two months of opening.

Is it safe for my animals?
Once Natural Plant Tonic has soaked into the soil it won’t be harmful to any pets who walk or play in the area.


Where should I plant my sunflowers?
Plant the seeds directly where you want your sunflowers to grow. Sunflowers love sunshine! Place them where they get a least a good half day of sun.

How deep should I plant them?
Plant your sunflower seeds about 4cm into the soil.

Can I grow them in pots?
You can grown your sunflowers directly in your garden or in pots. Your pot should be at least 50cm diameter to take 2-3 seeds.

What type of soil is best?
If growing in a pot use a good quality potting mix. If growing in your garden improve your soil with a few buckets of compost. In either case adding 2-3 handfuls of blood and bone and chicken manure pellets will give you the best results.

How much water do they like?
Sunflower seeds require quite a lot of water to germinate. Wet the soil thoroughly after planting and keep it moist until the seedlings appear. Throughout the growing season water about once per week.

When should I plant my sunflowers?
Plant mid to late September or after the last frost to have sunflowers blooming January through to February. Your seeds will take 60-90 days to flower from when you plant them.


How should I plant my lettuce seeds?

Your Easy Seeds lettuces can grow in either pots or gardens. Sow in clusters of 4 to 6 seeds. Only lightly cover the seed (1 to 2mm), as they will not germinate if too deep, they like a little light to germinate. Plant in a well-drained and composted soil with moisture and as much sun as possible and keep moist. Will grow throughout the year but faster in the warmer months.


What is Volcanic Soil Sweetener made of?

Grown by Spring Bay Mill Volcanic Soil Sweetener is all natural mineral dust made from natural volcanic rock to be used as a soil additive.

What are the benefits of Volcanic Soil Sweetener for my garden?

Adding Volcanic Soil Sweetener to your garden or pots reduces soil acidity which can increase the availability of nutrients to plants. It improves with structural qualities of sandy soils and potting mixes, increasing the potential habitat for colonies of beneficial soil organisms. It also improves water-holding capacity, and over time the many minerals in the rock dust are gradually made available to plants due to natural weathering.

How should I apply Volcanic Soil Sweetener?

Sprinkle over soils, composts and potting media and mix in. 100grams (one and a half handfuls) will cover about 1m2. Adding Volcanic Soil Sweetener to your compost will help reduce smells.

WARNING: All crushed rocks have fine silicate dusts that can be harmful if regularly breathed in. Use an appropriate dust mask when using this product regularly.


What is Probiotic Compost Accelerator?

Grown by Spring Bay Mill Probiotic Compost Accelerator is a special mix of ingredients that have been subjected to a managed brewing process to create a medium that is jam-packed with thousands of living microscopic organisms. These organisms feed on household waste and speed up the composting process. Your compost will breakdown faster and smell less meaning it won’t attract rodents, flies and other pests. The accelerating effects also mean you can add other waste such as meat scraps and dog waste that normal compost cannot handle.

What are probiotic micro-organisms?

They are regarded as all beneficial soil micro-oganisms, made up of a whole range of microscopic creatures such as: Photosynthetic bacteria, Lactic acid bacteria, natural soil yeasts and many others. The are the hero’s of the soils. Beneficial soil micro-organisms are naturally occurring in healthy soil and are the key to the health of the plants that grow in it. They unlock soil nutrients, making them available to plants, they also reduce the chance of soil-based plant diseases.

How do I use my Probiotic Compost Accelerator?

A handful sprinkled over your compost ingredients will boost the composting process. Biologically reinvigorate a potting mix to grow healthier plants. Each time you replant your Grown Instant Gardens sprinkle over the organic mix for added growth results.

WARNING: This product is a living resource so please use and store carefully. Keep in a shaded, cool location, and make sure it is used within two months of pack date. Do not breath in or ingest ingredients. Wash hands after use.