The terra-riffic! bio-compost

We are showcasing a range of fabulous organic composting practices at the Sunflower Celebration. From deep litter recycling and worm towers to the amazing bio-compost heap. The Mills organic field is only one year old and yet it is producing regular bounties of organic produce for The Mill and the local community. The many composting techniques used to improve the soils (terra) of the site are one significant parts of the success behind turning a standard field into a totally organic productive garden for all.

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Expedition of Discovery

In a world of shrinking natural habitats, it is key to the future of all communities that we understand whatever we can from what is left of our natural biodiversity. To plan for the future, we need to have a good idea as to what is there now. From the small and yet complex organisms, such as the tiny terrestrial lichens and macroinvertebrates, to our rich marine ecosystems, we have a duty to discover the richness of life now, to inform and add to the learning of our future generations.

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) Expedition of Discovery team do just this; they provide an amazing service for the community. Spring Bay Mill is very proud to support this marvellous initiative and we are all very excited to see what can be discovered here in this very spectacular and always surprising part of the Tasmanian coastline.

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Volunteer Day

In October, the Mill nursery, horticultural team hosted our first Community Volunteer Open Day. We were blown away by the enthusiasm of over 30 individuals with a keen interest in horticulture and native plant regeneration. Our hort team have more information for people interested in volunteering and training/learning opportunities at Spring Bay Mill. If you couldn’t make the weekend and are still curious to get involved in helping us regenerate the site, contact us.


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School visit

Triabunna District School’s Kitchen Garden Program came for a visit onsite. They helped install our new commercial worm farms with our horticulturalist, Marcus Ragus, and learned all about these amazing creatures and the role they play in the food chain. All food waste from events held on site will now be recycled using this system.

Paddy's Paddock

The picture-perfect location with magnificent vistas across Spring Bay and the farm land surrounds, offers a great environment for growing specialist organic fruit and vegetables. The geography and the proximity to the large water expanses of the bay creates a distinct microclimate that moderates extremes and allows for all kinds of fascinating exotic edibles all year round.

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All things good and delicious

What started as a small patch of grassy paddock with a few sheep and wallaby, is now producing its first kilos of freshly harvested heirloom vegetables. Located within a stone’s throw of the Spring Bay Mills entrance is a unique organic production veggie patch known to staff and friends of the Spring Bay Mill as ‘Paddy’s Paddock’.

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