Sunflowers Indeed!

Yes, the Sunflower Festival has been and gone. A picture or a thousand words? Have a gander. From all reports and feedback, it was a Winner! We are so grateful not only to the 600 people who turned out but also for the enthusiastic volunteers who really helped spread the love on the day. And, the good news, there will be plenty more food and horticultural events at The Mill in 2020, so you won’t need to wait a whole year. Stay tuned…

Bunna Bugle | Feb 2020

But life still goes on...

The Queen. Yes, She was nice on tele. However, Freddie Mercury once sang:
“Oh how I want be free
Oh how I want to break free
But life still goes on…”

And on it must, under this southern sun in these harsh times.

Bunna Bugle | Jan 2020

Move Over Ken Done

The students at the Triabunna District High School have found their artistic shtick. These vertical worm farms are destined for our Paddy’s Beach organic garden. Read more…

Bunna Bugle | Dec 2019

I wonder who's false teeth?

These two chaps are members of a team of botanists and zoologists from the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery who will soon descend upon Spring Bay Mill for the Museum’s annual Expedition of Discovery


Remember the outrage ...

Blue Poles #2 courtesy of Spring Bay Mill’s battle worn log loading platform.

Bunna Bugle | Sept 2019

Fond farewell ...

It’s only early August, but we felt compelled to keep you informed.

Bunna Bugle | Aug 2019

Onsite events ...

Ooops! Hello … someone forgot to send out a Spring Bay Mill Newsletter for a year or so. Anyways, here we are back having a bleat about all the fabulousness’s going on at the pointy end of Freestone Point.

Bunna Bugle | July 2019