The intention is to mimic natural systems and their benefits: sharing nutrients, preserving moisture and providing habitat for creatures that in turn help to control pests and diseases.

Planting is planned for year-round flowering to ensure pollen, nectar and other resources are available to the many beneficial organisms that are helping our gardens thrive.

We’d love to hear from people in the community who would like to know more about the availability of fresh produce and future onsite learning programs, so get in touch.

Paddy's Paddock

What started as a small patch of grassy paddock with a few sheep and wallabies, is now producing kilos of freshly, healthy heirloom vegetables.

The bounty is harvested and used by our chef to create fresh and delicious garden-to-plate menus for our events. Any spare goes to community outlets like the Triabunna Village.

The picture-perfect location with magnificent vistas across Spring Bay and the farmland surrounds, offers a great environment for growing specialist organic fruit and vegetables. The geography and the proximity to the large water expanses of the bay creates a distinct microclimate that moderates extremes and allows for all kinds of fascinating exotic edibles all year round.

Paddy’s Paddock is home to three thriving beehives. These magnificent pollinators produce jars of golden Spring Bay Mill Honey for guests to take home or enjoy onsite.

Around late January of each year, sunflowers bloom all over Paddy’s, marking the beginning our annual Sunflower Celebration. We host horticulture classes, tours and events for school kids. Check out What’s On at Spring Bay Mill.

Organic Kitchen Gardens

Soon to be developed, the Organic Kitchen Gardens use the same successful biodiverse garden model of Paddy’s, but with a little added fun and quirkiness.

The plan includes mobile gardens that adapt as the Spring Bay Mill site evolves. Large mounded beds will make use of the topography, growing abundant edibles and fruit trees right on our chef’s doorstop, ready for use in our kitchen.