Grown by Spring Bay Mill is a new range of products designed to bring the love and talents of our horticulture team direct to your home.

Curated and grown with care by our master horticulturist (and former Manager of the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens) Marcus Ragus. For anyone who loves good stuff from the earth.

Instant Gardens

Complete organic kitchen gardens, growing and ready to harvest, delivered to your door. Self contained and small enough for a balcony or sunny corner. All they need is natural light and water. Leafy greens, veg and herbs that you can pick and continue to grow. Supplying you with fresh food for several weeks.

The high quality soil is made up of natural goodness from our own onsite composting and worm farms and can be reused to plant new crops when your instant garden has run its course. We can even supply you with new seeds to plant.

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